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NATUREL Organic ROSE WATER is a natural mist with high concentration in of rose oil. Pure  and natural product obtained via a special technology of double distillation of rose blossoms that have been grown with care and love in the Valley of Roses, Bulgaria.
The organic ROSE WATER obtained from world-famous Rosa Damascena species manifests a delicate floral aroma and has a skin-cleasing, refreshing and calming effect.  Due to the aromatherapy effect of rose oil it is a must-have product for every connoisseur of natural beauty.
Suitable for every type of skin, the organic ROSE WATER helps skin hydration and its lipid balance.
It has a toning, softening and whitening skin effect. Stimulates cells’ regeneration and skin revitalisation. Suitable for every-day use.
Application: To achieve immediate skin hydration and freshness spray on a preliminary cleaned skin of face, hands and body a tender rose mist or use a cotton pad with rose water to clean and sooth the skin. Then use NATUREL face serum or cream that you find to be the most appropriate for your skin.

Packaging: Dark glass pump bottle, 100 ml.

Dark glass maintains the high quality of the product for a long time. It serves as a natural filter that provides maximum protection of the delicate organic ingredients from the harmful sun rays.

√ Made with attention to every detail, in small boutique batches.
√ This product is made using only high quality organic ingredients.
√ The product complied with latest EU requirements and has external professional assessment on its safety and effectiveness.

The products of Naturel Cosmetics contain very high level of plant extracts and organic oils. Therefore it is possible to find a difference in color, aroma and/or texture of two products of the same type. This is due to the different production batches, which are used respectively and various crop plants. These differences do not affect the properties, quality and efficacy of the products!

Ingredients (INCI)


*Sertified Organic Ingredients
**Naturally occurring in essential oils