Face Cream “Men Only”


Product Description

MEN only is specially formulated to smooth your shaved skin, prevent possible inflammation, and eliminate any red spots.

The dry and shriveled skin after bathing or after another shave are already history  – the oils from Mango, Pumpkin Seeds, Shea and Linseed are specially selected for this purpose.

The oils from Calindol, Lavender and Salvia smooth and treat any scratches or cuts.


The floral water from the leaves of Rose Damascena and Geranium’s essential oil normalize and smooth the skin.

The Oil from Lemon Tea Tree prevents from infections and gives a pleasant fresh citrus aroma.

The cream has a proven positive effect on skins prone to lichens, dry skin, eczema and irritation.

Active ingredients:

* Bio Mango Butter

* Bio Coconut Oil

* Organic carrot oil

* Organic Pumpkin seed Oil

* Organic Linseed Oil

* Bio Calendol Butter

* Bio essential oil from lavender

* Bio essential oil from lemon tea tree

* Organic Essential Oil of Salvia

* Pure Floral Water by Rosa Damascena

* Vitamin E

* Vegetable glycerin

* Herbal eco certified preservative

Packaging: matt glass 30ml.