Our skin loves scrubbing

Tuesday, May 12

Regular scraping provides the ideal “terrain” for Naturel Cosmetics creams so they can do their work perfectly with ease, without dead cells making them difficult and staying in the way
So, to summarize:
I recommend once every 2 weeks gentle massage with a favorite scrub for even smoother skin.
Here’s the recipe for my favorite:
equal amounts of freshly ground coffee / thick highlight coffee, not sludge / + coconut sugar
jojoba oil / if you do not have a hand and ordinary cold-pressed olive oil does a great job / the amount is so much that you can get a mash
And the veil! The result is skin clean and smooth, awake and ready to absorb the fragrant fluffy creams
And if you have not done so yet, choose your here.

PS: If you can not handle the choices yourself, or you have some whims, we are always online and we look forward to hearing all your questions in our chat!