The precious Bulgarian Rose Oil

First of all the precious Rosa Damascena is extremely demanding with regards to climatic and soil conditions. It has found a cozy habitat only in this beautiful country Bulgaria, only the Karlovo and Kazanlak regions.All attempts to grow it elsewhere in the country or abroad have been doomed to failure in terms of the produced quantity and quality of Rose Oil.

The Bulgarian Rose Valley is one of the biggest rose gardens in the world.

According to the historical evidence, rose oil production in Kazanlak and the region dates back to the late 17th century. Recently, historians suggest that rose planting may date as far back as the Thracian civilisation, when Orpheus walked these lands.

Rosa Damascena is a perennial, heavily branched bush, some 1.5-2m. high. The rose bushes start blooming 2 years after they are planted. The blooming starts in the middle of May and continues for 20-30 days.

Rose oil is extracted from the petals. They should be picked early in the morning at sunrise from 5 to 9 a.m., before the dew has evaporated, because at this time of day they contain the highest levels of precious essential oils.

Blossoms are still collected by hand.

The petals should be processed immediately. They get mixed with water and heated in distillation chambers.

Did you know it takes more than 1500 Organic Roses to distill just one gram of the precious Pure Bulgarian Rose Oil?

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